About Us

Who We Are

The subsidiary ex U.A.E of Energy Products Industry Group with 25 years of existence becomes TEI dubai since the year 2010, following the restructuring of Energy Products Industry Group (EPI USA group) and its 38 subsidiaries founded in 1975 by its partners with the Group of a portfolio over 35 years of experience in the industry, engineering, and technology of information for public transport. The ex-Group becomes a Group of independent companies from the dissolution of all of the shares of the group; the new group has over 1300 employees present on 04 continents and work all in collaboration and partnership in intranet on the same business model of the group..

What We Offer

  • Applications

    Feasibility study,Search for appropriate solutions, Project optimisation,Drafting of specifications,Project tracking.

  • Know-how

    Study,Industrial design,Ergonomics,Electricity,Automation Monitoring,Mechanics,Process piping.

  • Trusted partners

    To give you the most relevant solution, TEI Dubai knows how to rely on the complementary skills of the trusted , partners with which we develop synergies, so we can provide solutions for your requirements.

Our Vocation

-Meet and complete the requirements of our international clients. -Satisfy your three major expectations:save time, simplify your work and ensure your safety.

-Remain leader and constantly adapt our materials to the needs of the market. To do that:

TEI specializing in fluid mechanics and process engineering and the sourcing, TEI uses its know-how and experience of its engineers to serve your industrial project.

Meet Our Staff

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Accompanying operators through the integration process of new technologies

Helping passenger information broadcasting

Thanks to the integration of all these skills,TEI Dubai -EPI Group offers you a complete range of highly specialized competences in intelligent transport systems(ITS).

Improving service quality of transport offer

We favor a reactive organization, mastery of the process, the involvement of all, efficiency in order processing, advices on the choice of materials and products, the best value for money.

Optimizing public transports costs

commitment on time frame and guarantee, adequate financing, delivery and track your orders, after-sales service: It is the vocation of our company!