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TEI is an internationally renowned manufacturer of Geosynthetics products and associated support systems. Our trusted and innovative solutions have been serving globally. Throughout this time TEI has established itself as a leader in the development of proven and innovative designed.


Geo Textiles:

Woven or non-woven geotextiles are materials composed of synthetic fibers of polyester or polypropylene, mechanically assembled by a needling process Geotextiles have the functions of drainage, filtration, reinforcement, prevention of erosion and protection Geotextiles are applied in road projects, reservoirs, landfills, drainage, filtration, hydraulic works The application of geotextiles in civil works and construction projects improves the performance and durability of constructions TEI has a wide range of geotextiles with different weights, thicknesses, strengths and different widths that adapt to the multitude of projects in which geotextiles can be applied.

Drainage Geocomposites:

Are used in construction and civil engineering applications for drainage applications.
Drainage is defined as the collection and transportation of rainwater, groundwater or other fluids such as leachates and gases. Geocomposite drainage systems are being increasingly used as a more effective and economic alternative to traditional granular based solutions. Our geocomposites are manufactured by combining the best characteristics of different geotextiles, geonets or membranes so that specific applications are optimally handled.

Geo Membrane:

Geomembranes are waterproof sheets used as hydraulic barriers. Geomembranes are made in different thicknesses and packaged in rolls assembled using hot melt techniques, welding, adhesive, vulcanization, etc There are different types of geomembranes, the best known are those made of HDPE because they are very resistant to the passage of time and are used in waterproofing tasks such as in the construction of ponds or reservoirs There are also other products such as EDPM or polyethylene sheets which will be used for other applications, mainly in the waterproofing of roofs, the protection of agricultural land or the protection and waterproofing of facades. The waterproof sheets have among their qualities a great resistance to the attack of chemical agents and UV rays, they act as a barrier against the passage of liquids and gases, resistance to shocks, acids and extreme temperatures At TEI we have waterproof sheets of different weights.

Geo Grid:

Reinforcement geogrids are network structures coated with products that protect them for use in construction They are intended for soil stabilization and strengthening applications The use of geogrids makes it possible to correctly distribute the load transmitted by embankments, foundations and pavements, as well as live loads, on land with low bearing capacity in which the geogrids are placed Or as reinforcing elements in retaining walls and reinforced slopes Geogrids are combined with geotextiles to facilitate the installation process They are made of polyester, PVA or fiberglass, depending on the terrain they are to be installed on, one or the other is recommended.

Fiberglass Geocomposites

are geocomposites constructed by a high-tenacity fiberglass grid, a lightweight polyester nonwoven geotextile and bitumen coating which can provide a good bonding The fiberglass grids offer high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance for performing high reinforcement ability, and raise the resistance.

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