TEI Specializing in fluid mechanics and process engineering, TEI uses its know-how and experience of its engineers to serve your industrial project.The service offering of TEI is defined as a provision of resources for investment operations.It is divided into four accompanying proposals, each representing an important stage of technical and financial life of your project.The formalization of requirements to optimize performance, the industry expertise of our team contributes, step by step to a successful act of investment.Expertise ensures the deployment of optimal solutions for "Planning, Move, Build" through the steps of:industrial Expansion.Innovation and technology transfer.Performance analysis.Cost reduction.TEI offers four service offerings to meet your industrial projects:Drawings and project modeling.Project Management.Assistance with project management.Technology and Expertise.

Industrial engineering

Leading experts in industrial engineering

Capable of taking on any sized projects, from design to commissioning.

*Perfect knowledge of client installations and standards.
*High performance digital technical resources (BIM, SEDI, EDM).
*Present in the industrial engineering sector since 20 years.


Developed a custom factory solution

*Phase 1: Project Custom Design.
*Phase 2: Project Execution.
*Phase 3 : Project Commissioning.
*Phase 4: Technical and Operational Support.
*Control of production process.
*Training of personnel.
*The local team is ready and authorized to operate.


We prefer a reactive organization, control of the process, the involvement of all, efficiency in processing orders, an advise on the choice of materials and products, the best quality/price ratio, commitment to deadlines and guarantee, suitable funding, delivery and tracking of your orders, an after sales service of quality: It is the vocation of our company

Matt Cimino

Electrical Engineer

Robert Norwick

Construction Engineer

Robert Johnson

Mechanical Engineer

Alexander Smith

Project Manager