Audit, Consulting, Engineering and industrial projects

A project, a problem, an innovation, a continuous improvement, project tracking. the scope of know-how and experiences gained make TEI DUBAI a partner who supports, manages and accompanies you upstream of your projects and in the course of their implementation.

Audit & Engineering

Studies the feasibility, drafts your specifications

Consulting & Sourcing

Always at the cutting, edge of service


Operational and Safe your turnkey plant

We pursue Quality and Excellence in all
aspects of the construction industry

The history of our company

With the integration of all these business-expertise, TEI Dubai offers a full range of highly specialized skills. We favor a reactive organization, mastery of the process, the involvement of all, efficiency in order processing, advices on the choice of materials and products, the best value for money, commitment on time frame and guarantee, adequate financing, delivery and track your orders, after-sales service: It is the vocation of our company!.

With an experience of more than 15 years in the industry. Since its creation, the company continues to grow in a competitive global market. It has to date several collaborators and partners around the world. Since its creation, TEI Dubai develops its know-how, skills and technological expertise for better performance in industry. TEI, European leader specialized in the trade of industrial supplies.

TEI Dubai offers a complete field of very sharp skills. We prefer a reactive organization, control of the process, the involvement of all, efficiency in processing orders, an advise on the choice of materials and products, the best quality/price ratio, commitment to deadlines and guarantee, suitable funding, delivery and tracking of your orders, an after sales service of quality: It is the vocation of our company.

Standards and quality are the mainstay of our service -
we are committed to providing the best quality of service
to every client, on every project.

TEI DUBAI , an engineering and trading company for petroleum related and industrial equipment, in collaboration with numerous specialized European partners, offers a range of equipment for all operations related to oil industry downstream, including storage, transport, distribution, management, and bunkering. Our development strategy also provides expertise in engineering, studies, central purchasing, international projects management, and work coordination for service stations, oil depots, logistics base, security environment, and telecommunications. All these facilities and services are specially designed to cater to oil and gas, mining, industrial sites, seaports, airports, and military. .